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ChippyWellFest event

Saturday 29th September 2018 was an incredible day full of inspiration from a brilliant group of speakers spanning all aspects of the health spectrum.

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Nick Parker – The Cancer JourneyMan

A real case insight of how a journey of living the right lifestyle choices, fueled by belief and hope, can give our bodies the chance of reversing a chronic health condition.

Juliet Norman – Nutritional Therapist

There is so much dietary advice 'out there', much of it ill-informed, old hat or with hidden bias. And there is so much more than what you put into your mouth, or don’t! Learn the rock-solid foundations on which to build your bio-individual nutrition plan.

Nikki Jackson – Mindfulness Teacher

Everything starts in the mind. Hear how our minds are battling with an impossible task that translates into physical disease and understand what we can do to address the 'monkey mind'.

Jess Goyder – Chronic Fatigue Thriver

A wild adventure of mobility scooters, far-flung places and not 'doing' very much at all - what can an ongoing recovery story from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome teach us about how to live our lives?

Michi Naomoto – Acupuncturist & Herbalist

There is an increasing belief that traditional Eastern medical approaches are more suited to correcting our Western health pandemics. Gain insight into the solutions time has forgotten and discover how we can harness these therapies for ourselves.

Louise Blyth – Spiritual Motivator

Is it possible to lose the love of your life but gain the greatest love you can ever know? Can life be found in death? Hear a personal story about how grief can lead to spiritual hope.

David Shadlock – Personal Trainer

Our bodies were never built for sedentary lifestyles. Many of us think we know how to exercise, but new science is telling us we have much of it wrong. Learn the science behind moving and how we can do everything needed in the day, whether a 'gym bunny' or not.

Helen Marsden – Home Health Screening Guru

There’s lots you can learn about your wellbeing from a simple blood test; not only to find out why you might feel any symptoms you do but also to make sure you’re being the best you can.

Leo Campbell & Melissa Sharp – Founders of Modern Baker

Slow, fermented and local. Hear how a slow-carb philosophy, backed by the science of good gut health, is challenging not only our notions of bread & baked goods but a modern industry that is acting only to feed itself.

Karina Athwal – Clinical Psychoneuroimmunologist

When in proper working order our bodies function like well-oiled machines, relying on hormones playing a role in very biological process. Understand what this means for all of us, even when we are not part of the menopausal, pregnant or teenage populations!

Clare Wyld – NHS Doctor & Nutritionist

We love our NHS, but we are asking it to do things that it was never designed to do. Learn how we must manage our future health.

Michael McIntyre – Health Sage

It’s so important that people consider the reality of the ageing process - because it’s happening to all of us! We need to learn to face the realities of ageing and how best to deal with it.

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We are a not-for-profit event, built by community and founded by Nick Parker, The Cancer JourneyMan, whose positive belief and lifestyle overhaul are the inspiration behind this event.

Our stories are many and varied. We share the belief that a holistic approach to lifestyle and health, in both mind and body, combined with the supportive power of community, will transform the quality of our lives and catalyse greater public wellbeing.

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